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Heather H. wrote:                                                                                                                                       07/09/2018

Kelly was the BEST decision we made when it comes to vendors for our wedding day! Having her around took SO much stress out of our wedding day and let us truly enjoy every moment. We realized a day of wedding planner could be helpful after my mom got stuck taking on this role at my sister's wedding a few years ago. Kelly stepped in way before the "day of" to make sure contracts and all paperwork were taken care of and helped to get finishing details ironed out and ready to go. On our wedding day, she and Becky played a major role in making our wedding day as smooth and organized as it could go. In addition to face to face meetings, emails, calls, text, etc., we met for an on-sight visit before the wedding to walk through everything to ensure all was taken care of and that things were how my husband and I wanted them. Throughout the entire planning process, Kelly was incredibly helpful with any questions or concerns I had. She got back to my emails, texts and calls within minutes! As for the day of the wedding, Kelly and Becky were absolute lifesavers! (Girls, hang on because time on your wedding day goes by at lighting speed and no matter how much you think you have things planned and ready to go, chaos breaks out at some point!) Kelly and Becky were a huge reason that things stayed calm and organized from the time we were getting ready until after the reception ended. Kelly even walked around with my husband and I as we were taking pictures on the beach with out photographer and fluffed my dress, held my shoes, carried my veil and took pictures with her own iPhone so we could get a sneak peek right away (still waiting photographer's photos). I truly don't want to imagine my wedding day without Kelly and Becky around!

Giovanna M. wrote:                                                                                                                                    06/09/2018

There are not enough wonderful things that I can say about Kelly and her company. Optimistically, after becoming engaged, my fiancé and I thought that we could plan our wedding on our own. . however - we quickly realized that we needed help. That's where Kelly came in. She came highly recommended by a colleague and after working with her and her company, I can now see why. Kelly not only knows an expansive amount of vendors but makes herself available to meet with each and every one of them, even if that means driving over an hour and a half to accompany you (I was not a local client). She does an amazing job of working with your budget, responding immediately if not within minutes of when you reach out to her, emailing/calling vendors to handle any questions or concerns you have, and is simply there for anything you need from her. She is not only a great wedding planner (literally planning out your big day's itinerary by the minute and making sure all vendors are coordinating with each other), but she is also a great person. I came to realize that some people in the wedding industry will only see you as a client- but with Kelly it's different. She is a genuine and kind person, which is not only hard to find in this industry but also in general. She will be there for phone calls you make to her crying and freaking out, and at the end of those conversations leave you feeling like things will be okay, and that your wedding will be amazing. In general, I tend to be someone that has a hard time of letting go and trusting the process which was my initial reservation for getting a planner, but Kelly was more than I could have ever imagined in a wedding planner. She not only helped me bring my exact vision to life but was there to handle emergencies (some of them which she didn't even tell me about because she didn't want to worry me and which she handled like a pro). Leading up to our big day was as seamless as it could have been thanks to Kelly, but *oh my gosh* - I could never NOT have had Kelly there for the big day. Her presence (along with her AMAZING and equally sweet assistant Becky (good people find each other, I swear) was the constant and calming factor throughout the entire day. Anything I needed - she was ALWAYS there. Her and Becky communicated with headpieces the entire day, and at the very first mention of anything that I asked for or inquired about - they were on it. From going to retrieve something my mom forgot in the car before the ceremony (in a torrential down pour, no less). . . to hunting down my missing cake topper that someone had put in a flower pot! . . . to holding my bouquet & continuously fixing my train. . . to constantly communicating with the vendors with any of my requests during the reception so I didn't have to stop dancing. . . I can honestly say that Kelly and her company were the best decision I ever made during my wedding planning process. I am more thankful to her than she will ever know for making one of the biggest days of my lives run so smoothly and effortlessly. If you're looking for an unbelievably marvelous wedding planner, you've found her.

Terri H. wrote:                                                                                                                                              06/28/2018

We used Kelly Doss to help with the “Day of” wedding planning and coordination for my daughters wedding . This was the BEST investment we made !!!!! Kelly and her assistant, Becky, were so organized ! They showed up with a Smile, Cart to transport things, Walkie Talkies, emergency wedding kit, timeline, a calm demeanor, and lots of patience. Kelly coordinated with our vendors before the wedding, came to theRehearsal and promptly answered any questions I had whether it was by phone, text, or email, and stayed well after the reception was over to make sure everything had been taken care of. Not only was she professional she is a kind, caring woman who seems to love what she does and it shows !!! Our daughters wedding this past weekend was just perfect and we have Kelly Doss to thank for that !!!!

Bertha C. wrote:                                                                                                                                          05/10/2018

I don't even know how to write this review because no words will do justice to the incredible Kelly Doss. I reached out to Kelly a mere 4 weeks before my wedding overwhelmed by the amount of coordination and communication I still had left to do with all of my vendors. Without skipping a beat Kelly organized a timeline, reached out to all of my vendors, sent and received all the insurance certificates for my venue ALL BEHIND THE SCENES. After signing my contract with her it was as though all worries lifted away because she orchestrates everything so organized and effortlessly. On the day of my wedding we had a linens disaster and Kelly miraculously solved the issue before even arriving to the venue like the pro she is. One of my friends cut her toe on the dance floor and KELLY was there to bandage up and get slippers from the hotel for her! Honestly if that's not above and beyond, I don't know what is. If you want to enjoy every moment of your wedding day (as you should) and not worry about an absolute thing, do yourself (and your Mom and MOH) the favor and contact Kelly!

Jenny C. wrote:                                                                                                                                            04/19/2018

I am so fortunate to have met Kelly Doss at a local wedding trunk show last year. From the moment Kelly introduced herself to us, I knew she would be the one to help us plan our special day! Kelly is not only highly professional and a top notch planner, she is one of the sweetest people I know. The whole wedding planning process was stress free with Kelly by our side. Kelly goes above and beyond to make sure your day is nothing but perfect. She is organized, attentive, thorough, and a joy to be around. Kelly has an amazing work ethic and it shows in everything she does! My daughter is 4 months old and I told Kelly hopefully one day... a long time from now, she can plan her wedding! I would recommend Kelly over and over and over again! Kelly Doss is simply the BEST!

Stephanie G. wrote:                                                                                                                                    04/09/2018

So grateful to have had the chance to work with the best wedding planner out there! I met Kelly at a friends’ wedding- turns out Kelly knew almost all of my family from the hospital we all work at! My uncle introduced her to me and I just remember her being so sweet and down to earth. Fast forward a few months later when I got engaged and began the process of wedding planning, my family recommended using Kelly to help me with the day since we were planning our wedding in less than 6 months! (Side note, originally Kelly was helping me plan my engagement party which turned into a 400 person wedding- talk about miracle worker!) Kelly was extremely accessible and had amazing suggestions for any tough questions I had. There were many moments we had to trouble shoot through change of plans and she always managed to have alternatives and the best solutions. She helped with venue ideas, hairstylists, attended vendor meetings with me, hotel accommodations for guest, assembled wedding favors for 400 guests (poor Kelly!), and everything else you can think of under the sun! She had minute by minute schedules for the day of that helped keep our day swift and organized. All my guests were amazed at how on-time everything was being that Indian Weddings always run late! Me and Joel were so happy to have had Kelly there to support our vision for the wedding and to have her execute it so flawlessly! She even risked getting a ticket for parking rather than be delayed in getting to our reception (Miami traffic is insane!). Everything she did for our wedding showed how much her heart is in this profession and how selfless she is as a person. Throughout the process Kelly felt like family more than just a wedding planner which is why I recommend her to be a part of your special day! She will take care of you.

Stephanie C. wrote:                                                                                                                                    03/22/2018

There are not enough stars to rate Kelly Doss events. Kelly’s attention to detail & her positive ‘get it done’ attitude is reason enough to have her on your side. Wedding planning is stressful & time consuming but Kelly makes it seem like a walk in the park. Although Kelly is newer to the industry she has an extensive list of vendors whom offer top quality items. Kelly is truly unmatched in the wedding industry, she even handmade my bouquet, the grooms boutineer & a corsage for our daughter!! Do yourself a favor, hire Kelly Doss Event, I promise you that you will not be disappointment!

Clay V. wrote:                                                                                                                                               02/24/2018

We had the priveledge of working with Kelly recently. Our client had flown us in from Texas so everything was new and unfamiliar. Kelly and her team made the event flow incredibly smooth despite multiple unforeseen delays caused by having multiple venues throughout Miami. She was always a fast communicated, and bent over backwards to deliver the best results! . If you are looking for a planner who has high integrity, knows how to get things done, and how do it with style and poise, Kelly is your best choice!

Deanna B. wrote:                                                                                                                                         01/07/2018

Kelly planned my wedding from start to finish! I got engaged in May 2016. Kelly began planning in July 2016 and so I got married in Oct 2017. She has different packages available but I can promise you you can’t go wrong with any! She planned my entire day and every detail leading up to it. She is a full service planner that doesn’t take crap, is honest ( She was my right hand so I asked if things wouldn’t work and she gave honest feedback but was never forceful or rude). Kelly organized just about everything! From understanding my vision (I was a difficult bride because I shun tradition lol) tofinding vendors that suited my taste, budget and desires to organize meetings, creating plans, finding me discounts and sometimes giving me a reality check. For over a year she helped my husband and I plan the biggest day of our life but also became my friend. I absolutely love that Kelly kept everything organized from start to finish. From keeping meetings on track to keeping the wedding on track the day of (even thought the bridesmaids were an hour late!). Kelly was timely, organized and involved in every single step of this process. I didn’t have to remember what vendors we didn’t have or if I said I want to have an arcade, Kelly’s brought the ideas and set up meetings and helped with contracts. I had a LOT of drama and last minute mishaps. My DJ cancelled 6 weeks before, my maid of honor had to be invited and at Times family and friends caused more stress than happiness. Kelly helped me handle it with grace and stress out a little as possible while I felt like this event was more drama than it was worth. She’s excellent in that department! Lol Wedding wise- it almost went off without a hitch. Kelly managed to shield me on the day of all mishaps and made it into an unforgettable event for my husband, myself and the guests. If you don’t want a planner for the entire event, at least have the day of! I didn’t have any worries and it made it more enjoyable for me. She made sure everything we discussed in the meetings happened and kept the vendors on track. I had different ceremony and reception sites so it was way more work! It was executed perfectly and I’m so thankful Kelly and Becky made sure from start to finish my event was amazing! I’ve recommended this company to all my close friends, 2 of which got married before me and 1 is planning for April 2018. I am beyond thankful she planned my event.

Ashley K. wrote:                                                                                                                                          11/24/2017

Kelly was extremely organized and very helpful. I couldn’t have asked to work with anyone better!

Yanitza G. wrote:                                                                                                                                         11/01/2017

Kelly and her team did my wedding this past month and everything were perfectly fine. Every single detail she did it exactly like i imagine!! She is amazing, sweet and very creative. I loveevery single detail on my wedding decor. Thank you for having a lot of patient with me and thank you again for everything. You are the best!!!! THANK YOU KELLY

Karem B. wrote:                                                                                                                                           10/03/2017

Kelly was my day-of-coordinator for my Summer 2017 wedding. I wish I could give ten stars because Kelly and her assistant Becky were incredible! Kelly was truly more than I ever could have hoped for in a day-of-coordinator, and exceeded all expectations in the month leading to my wedding. I could not have had the wedding I did without her attention to detail, organization, professionalism, creativity, and patience. Kelly’s genuine kindness and enthusiasm were apparent at all times. This helped me tame the bridal stress of planning a wedding. She was quick to respond to my many texts and emails, and never failed on all of her suggestions and flexibility. Although very professional, she felt more like a friend than a wedding planner. Kelly is truly talented; her heart and passion for what she does really shone through. She is not just a planner, she is someone who listens and understands your vision, while going above and beyond expectations. Whether it's personally making the party favors you envision or helping you remove your false lash when you get cake in your eye, she is attentive and prepared for any situation. I can't tell you how much it meant to have her through it all. She was great with contacting all my vendors, setting a time line, and running the show to making my day a success. Like every wedding, I’m sure there were a few hiccups, but with Kelly and Becky I never noticed any. Choosing her as my wedding coordinator was definitely the best decision of my wedding planning process (after my husband) as I can't express enough how fantastic she and her team are. I highly recommend Kelly Doss Events!!!

Sanga C. wrote:                                                                                                                                            08/12/2017

A rising star in the wedding planning business!!! Her experience with the South Florida wedding industry is unmatched. Venue choices, food, decorations and entertainment all chosen to perfectly match the Bride and Grooms vision and vibe. Kelly Doss brings an edge that can deal with all the worst things that wedding planning can throw at you. It can be stressful and there are no shortcuts if planning a wedding in the greater Miami area. Kelly Doss was able to cut through all the noise and help us put on a fantastic wedding that we still get compliments about from our guests over a month later. Every single pit fall, vendor issue, venue issue (and there were many) was handled by Kelly Doss without breaking a sweat. In my opinion she can turn water in wine :) Easy choice going with Kelly Doss Evernts

Neethu M. wrote:                                                                                                                                        06/15/2017

Hiring Kelly was one of the best decisions my husband and I made for our wedding! She played such an integral part as our day-of coordinator. Kelly and her assistant Rebecca were able to coordinate our 250 guest South Indian wedding flawlessly with no issues. And not to mention they are both the sweetest individuals ever and so easy to work with! I had done a good chunk of my planning by the time I came to them- however, I needed help bringing it all together for the day of the event. I started working with Kelly a couple months prior to the wedding and she helped to organize vendor meetings, finalize timelines, come up with DIY ideas (she is sooo creative and talented!!), etc. She listened to what I was envisioning, and really made sure that our wedding day was beautiful and perfect! She was super organized and I was not worried about a single thing the whole day. I am incredibly happy that Kelly and Rebecca helped to make amazing memories of our special day for years to come! I highly recommend their services to all brides!

Charles A. wrote:                                                                                                                                         03/05/2017

Kelly Doss assisted with my daughter's wedding. She helped to ensure everything went off without a hitch. She was professional and suggested several great ideas. My Wife and I were able to enjoy a stress-free wedding thanks to Kelly. I would recommend her to anyone planning a wedding, after all, you want to enjoy the event, not stress over it.